The right way to BREAK NEWS

When I think of breaking news, I immediately think of Twitter. I believe Twitter is not only the most popular breaking news platform, but the best platform. Twitter allows journalists from all over the globe to share breaking news in real time with photos, videos, and links. It’s perfect. And it’s one of the benefits social media has had on the field of journalism.

Because of breaking news and social media, online news sites are able to promote their content even more.

My website,, breaks news in real time on Twitter. They do this by sending out a tweet that usually has a link attached. In a recent breaking news event, used a “Breaking News” GIF on Twitter.

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 11.12.46 PM

I think this is a great way to promote a breaking news story. On Twitter, it is so important to use visuals and a captivating headline in order to get clicks and views. I also believe that putting BREAKING in all caps helps grab the readers attention. So all in all, this tweet from Politico is a perfect example of how to handle a breaking news story online.

As a beat writer for BU basketball, we’ve had some breaking news over the past week, and I think following Politico’s technique is ideal to share the news in an intriguing and interesting way.






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